A Quick Tip about Split-type Air Conditioners

A Quick Tip about Split-type Air Conditioners

Split type air conditioners

  • Purchase an INVERTER model. Select an INVERTER air conditioner thru a QUALIFIED AUTHORIZED AIRCON DEALER/CONTRACTOR. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the unit.
  • Choose the right size equipment.  A QUALIFIED AUTHORIZED DEALER/CONTRACTOR can determine the size of the equipment needed for your home. The contractor uses the size and configuration of your home to determine proper size.
  • Get your unit cleaned. Have your air conditioner maintained by a QUALIFIED AIRCON DEALER/CONTRATOR regularly. This can help the unit operate more efficiently and may prevent failures in the middle of peak cooling season.
  • Keep the condenser and filter clean. Keep leaves, grass and other debris away from the outside condenser. Also, clean the filter monthly and replace it as needed. A clean condenser and filter help the unit run more efficiently.
  • Increase your thermostat setting. When at home, set it a few degrees higher. When leaving, move the setting even higher -- about 78 to 80 degrees. Cooling the house when you return costs less than keeping it cool all the time. Taking these steps can save 10 percent or more on your cooling costs.
  • Keep the sun out. Closing blinds, shades and drapes on the sunny side of your home during the day will help keep the house cooler, causing the air conditioner to use less energy in bringing the temperature to a comfortable level.
  • Cool only the rooms in use. Close unused rooms to keep cooled air in areas where it is most needed.
  • Don’t make more heat. Delay chores that produce heat and moisture until the cooler parts of the day or evening. Limit dishwashing, laundering and cooking on hot, humid days. These activities make your room more uncomfortable and require your air conditioner to work harder.
  • Use the microwave. Cook using your microwave oven rather than your standard oven or range. It creates less heat and humidity in your home.
  • Turn off electronics you are not using. Don’t leave electronics, such as televisions, stereos and computers, on if you don’t need them – they produce heat. Extra heat requires more energy to power the air conditioner and increases cooling costs.

Room air conditioners

  • Purchase a HIGH EER model. HIGH EER room air conditioners cost at least 10 percent less to operate than conventional models.
  • Use a timer. Set the plug-in timer to turn off the air conditioner when you leave home and to turn it on just before you return.
  • Purchase a unit with varying fan speeds. Use a room air conditioner with fan speed control. This allows faster cooling when needed and quieter, more efficient operation at other times.
  • Keep the unit centrally located. To allow better air circulation, install your room air conditioner in the window or area of the wall that is nearest to the middle of the space being cooled.
  • Seal the unit. Once a room air conditioner is in place, seal the space around it with foam or some other sealant to prevent warm outside air from leaking in.
  • Don’t set the thermostat at high initially. When you first turn on your room air conditioner, set the thermostat at normal or medium. Setting it any colder won’t cool the room any faster.
  • Keep the unit out of the sun. Locate your room air conditioner on the shady side of your home. It will operate more efficiently in a cooler location.

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